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MasteringBOX – Android Mastering App Now Available

MasteringBOX Android Music Mastering APP

MasteringBOX proudly announces the release of MasteringBOX mastering app for Android devices. This is the world’s first audio mastering app for Android.

Even a few days ago I was thinking about which company will be the first to launch such an application. In my head came names like Waves or iZotope….but it seems that MasteringBOX were faster and they are the first to launch a mastering app for Android. I definitely must try this application on my phone – I’m curious about the difference between the results of a “classic” studio mastering process and what this app can do.

The innovative MasteringBOX mastering website (www.masteringbox.com) was launched back in May 2015 and now any Android user can also access all of its features by downloading the MasteringBOX app for free from Google Play.

MasteringBOX’s smart artificial intelligence can detect the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the track being mastered and apply appropriate adjustments, allowing amateur producers and independent artists alike to master their song, podcast, or live recording.

MasteringBOX team has recently made a remarkable number of improvements to its mastering engine, significantly enhancing sound quality in many different music styles due to better detection and processing.

MasteringBOX Android app allows musicians and producers to master their tracks using only a smartphone or tablet, and best of all, for free!

MasteringBOX Android App

You can download your masters in MP3 and M4A formats for free while a premium subscription is required for WAV format masters. Meanwhile, there is also a new ‘pay-per-track’ option; occasional users can now order an individual master in WAV format — no need to subscribe to a premium account for this purpose.

MasteringBOX is the most simple way to Master your tracks using your Android device, providing better sound and proper loudness to your mix with an easy to use Mastering process. You can achieve great results that can compare to professional studio work.

The MasteringBOX app will run on any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher. It is available in both English and Spanish and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store (link below).

More Details: MasteringBOX

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