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Maschine 2.0 Explored Video Tutorial by macProVideo

Maschine 2.0 Software TutorialsmacProVideo has released Maschine 2.0 Explored, a new video tutorial that presents the new features of Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 software.

This video course is created by an expert trainer, Mo Volans who will learn you all about the new look and Maschine’s 2 software’s compatibility with Maschine Studio and all previous versions of the Maschine hardware. But there’s a whole new Maschine software experience here, with brand new code that takes this world class DAW to an entirely new musical place.

See how to build grooves, layer synth parts, design killer drums and finalize your production – all right within Maschine 2.0

1: Introducing Maschine 2.0
1. Hardware and Compatibility
2. 2.0 Software Key New Features
3. Komplete Instrument Integration
4. Colorful Workflow

2: The Browser and Library
5. The Library Structure
6. Loading and Saving Projects
7. Working With Groups And Kits
8. Sounds Vs Samples
9. Making Custom Kits

3: Effects and Mixing
10. Maschine’s Bundled Effects
11. Applying FX to Sounds
12. Third Party Plug-ins and Groups
13. Side-Chaining
14. We Have a Mixer!
15. Mixing Sounds and Groups
16. Routing and The Cue Bus
17. The Plug-In Strip

4: Arrangement Essentials
18. Recording Live Patterns
19. Step Pattern Recording
20. Groove and quantise
21. Loops and Note Repeat
22. Working With Scenes

5: Instruments and Sampling
23. Synths in Groups
24. The Drum Synths
25. Automation and Control
26. Sampling and Spanning

6: Maschine in Your DAW
27. Loading Maschine in Your DAW
28. Routing to Multiple Outputs

7: Exporting
29. Exporting MIDI and Audio
30. NI Plug-Ins Inside Your DAW
31. Exporting Your Mix

Maschine 2.0 Explored