Magic AB 2 Plugin

Sample Magic intros Magic AB 2, the second version of their plugin utility that can be used to switch between the audio you are working on in your music software, and up to nine reference tracks. Magic AB v2 is an entirely new plugin, rebuilt from the ground up into a new framework.

Magic AB 2 is an indispensable mixing tool and a workflow improver that allow you to compare multiple audio streams, like your track you are working on, with any commercially produced reference track in a variety of audio formats (mp3, Aiff, Wav, m4a, AAC). Flick between them and your mix with a single mouse click.

Magic AB 2 new version comes with new features and powerful workflow improvements including two new referencing modes, RAM-bypass mode, drag and drop files, Mono/Stereo switching – Compare stereo mixes or flip to mono to check mono compatibility, also it features up to four programmable Cue and Loop point per track and many more.

What’s new:

  • Entirely rebuilt one-click instant A-B track referencing engine supporting up to nine audio tracks
  • Loads all popular and professional audio file formats – there’s no need to convert files first
  • New Latch, Sync and Manual playback modes to suit your workflow
  • Drag and drop loading
  • Mono-Stereo monitoring
  • High-resolution output meters allow you to focus on the top 12 dB of headroom, where you need it most
  • Peak, RMS and Crest values with adjustable Peak fall time
  • Add multiple Cue and Loop points per track
  • Cue point naming
  • Redesigned Mini AB with more options and a smaller footprint
  • Deactivate tracks – instantly save RAM
  • Smoother, more accurate zoom functionality
  • Efficient preset system with audio file management

This utility plugin work with all DAWs and is available in VST, AU and AAX 32/64-bit plugin formats for both Windows and Mac OS. Note that this new version does not support RTAS, but version 2 still support, so you can continue to use Magic AB 1 in RTAS format.

We recommend you to have this plugin because it is a very useful tool that is a must-have for any music producer’s arsenal. Magic AB 2 will greatly help you to make your music sound as good as the one you hear on the radio or TV.

You can buy Magic AB 2 directly from our partner for a pretty decent price.

More Details: Sample Magic AB 2





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