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M-Audio Oxygen Pro Series – USB MIDI Keyboards (25, 49, 61 Keys)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Seris MIDI Keyboards

The Oxygen Pro series is new, here M-Audio sets the bar higher than usual. The Oxygen Pro USB Keyboard Controllers are available with 25, 49, and 61 standard keys. There is also the compact Oxygen Pro Mini, which has 32 mini buttons. All models are USB-powered and feature an OLED display, “Smart Chord” scale function and “Smart Scale” functions, auto-mapping as well as an integrated arpeggiator, a note repeat function, and automapping. Buttons for DAW control and preset selection are also integrated with all models.

The larger versions of the Oxygen Pro series offer 16 RGB-backlit pads, eight knobs and buttons as well as nine faders, the 25-key controller, on the other hand, has to do without faders and the associated buttons. The mini version is even more spartan. This is only equipped with eight pads and four rotary controls, but in contrast to the 25 version, it offers four faders. For such a compact MIDI keyboard it is still conveniently equipped.

M-Audio Oxygen PRO MINI

M-Audio Oxygen Pro MINI MIDI Keyboards

The “younger” model in the line is the Oxygen Pro Mini controller, which has 32 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted mini keys, 8 RGB pads, 4 faders, a small OLED screen and a set of buttons / knobs.

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini has a built-in arpeggiator and note repeat function, allows you to change the keyboard layout and activate the chord mode. The controller can be used to control some of the digital audio workstation functions and supports the assignment of various parameters to all physical controls.

M-Audio Oxygen PRO 25

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25 MIDI Keyboards

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25 is the smaller version of the  Oxygen Pro series. The controller features a semi-weighted 25-key velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch, 16 RGB pads, 1 fader, OLED screen, 8 knobs and a selection of buttons.

M-Audio Oxygen PRO 49

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 MIDI Keyboards

Oxygen Pro 49, which features a 49-key semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch, 16 RGB pads, 9 faders, an OLED screen, and a selection of buttons/controls. Pitch bend and modulation wheels should of course not be missing on all controller keyboards and, as usual, the M-Audio keyboards are delivered with a large software package including a MIDI editor for programming.

M-Audio Oxygen PRO 61

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 MIDI Keyboards

The Oxygen Pro 61 is a powerful, 61-key USB powered MIDI controller that allows you to create the music you want to make even easier.

Pro Tools First, Ableton Live Lite, MPC Beats, and the virtual software instruments Hybrid 3, Velvet (electric piano), Mini Grand (A piano), Xpand! 2, Vacuum, Boom, and DB-33 (organ) are included with any keyboard model.

Once you have connected the controller and made the MIDI settings in the DAW, your own DAW can be selected in the menu on the controller. There is also a separate “Preset” mode in which you can set and save the remote control of individual plugins and call them up directly if necessary. In this way, Xpand2, Vaccum, and MiniGrand, among others, can be controlled directly remotely – there are eight free slots for your own plug-in remote controls.

On the connection side, the Oxygen Pro keyboards offer a MIDI DIN output and a USB port for connection to the computer, pedal connection, and power on/off switch. The controller keyboards should be available in stores soon (the mini version only later). The prices are 129 euros for the Oxygen Mini, 189 euros for the 25-key keyboard, 239 euros for the 49-key version, and 279 euros for the Oxygen Pro 61.



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