Lynx Free Subtractive Synthesizer VST Plugin by Xenobioz

Lynx Free Synth VST Plugin

Xenobioz has released Lynx, a free subtractive synthesizer VSTi plugin, for now in Beta version for Windows.

Lynx features a powerful Wave Editor, 2 Drawable Waveforms and two Stacked Unison Oscillators. Those 2 Drawable oscillators features up to 7 detunable voices for Unison, for each. The Wave Editor allow you to manipulate the sounds and includes functions such as: FM, Harmonics, Random wave generation, Noise Generation, Add, Multiply, Cycle Combination, Phase Distortion. Also Lynk includes 2 ADSRs with adjustable curves, note velocity and external MIDI sources.

Also this plugin comes with 128 factory presets, from arps, basses to leads, pads and many more cool presets.

Being in beta version, Lynx is in continuous development and improvement. I think this plugin worth trying for his ability to create some interesting and complex tones. We will expect new versions that will bring more improvements for sure.

Lynx is available for free download via Xenobioz website in 2-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows.

More Details: Lynx Beta

Direct Download Link: Lynx (v0.71)

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