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Logic Pro 10.2 Update With Alchemy Synth by Apple

Logic 10.2 With Alchemy Synth

Apple announced the availability of Logic 10.2 that now includes Alchemy, a powerful sample-manipulation synthesizer. Now you can add sounds from the massive Alchemy library or create your own with a choice of synthesis engines and advanced morphing tools. Produce inspiring sounds with analog-modeled filters, multiple modulation sources, an integrated arpeggiator, and a broad range of effects.

Logic Pro 10 Alchmey Synth

After Apple bought Camel Audio company back in January 2015 followed a period of calm, with many rumors about what Apple will do. Now it’s official, Logic Pro 10.2 update includes Alchemy synth as part of Logic’s already bulging arsenal of synths.

For those not familiar with Alchemy synth offers new ways to create sounds, featuring over 3000 presets, 40 filters and 16 effects including convolution and algorithmic reverbs, modulation effects, stereo delay, compressors, EQ, and a range of distortions.

New for Logic 10.2:

  • Share and backup files to Gobbler (requires Gobbler third-party subscription)
  • Share directly to Apple Music Connect (requires Apple Music Connect account)
  • Create custom track icons with your own image files
  • Adds support for Force Touch trackpad
  • There are now independent settings for the handling overlapping MIDI recordings depending on whether Cycle is on or off
  • 1,000 new Apple Loops from a variety of popular instruments and genres including EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, Disco, Funk, and Blues
  • It’s now possible to set Replace mode for audio recordings independently depending on whether Cycle is on or off
  • It’s now possible to create new tracks with the same channel strip instead of creating a Take folder when recording audio in cycle mode
  • The new As Time Quantize option in the Piano Roll Snap menu sets the snap value to follow the Inspector quantize setting
  • Audio regions can now be nondestructively reversed using either a check box in the Region Inspector, or a key command
  • Expanded MIDI clock options improve sync compatibility with external MIDI devices
  • Usability tweaks and performance updates
  • Quantizing large audio files is much faster

Logic Pro 10.2 update is free to existing Logic customers. New users can get Logic for £149.99/$199.99 from the Mac App Store.

More Details: Logic Pro 10.2

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