Ableton Live New Versions UpdatesAbleton update Live music making software to version 9.1 with some significant improvements, features and some bugfixes.

Improvements and feature changes

  • Added dual monitor support.
  • When exporting audio, sample-rate conversion is now done using the high-quality SoX Resampler Library, resulting in higher quality exports when rendering to a lower sample rate.
  • Live now uses multiple CPU cores when exporting audio and the normalisation process is faster than before.
  • When exporting audio files from Live with the option “Create Analysis File” enabled, Live will now save warp markers with the .asd file, so that information about the original tempo and tempo changes are correctly reused when re-importing the audio file into Live later on.
  • The ‘Export Audio / Video’ export dialog has been improved.

– It shows the same options whether launched from Session or Arrangement View.
– Some of the export settings have been regrouped to provide a better overview.
– “All Tracks” has been renamed to “Individual Tracks” in the “Rendered Track” chooser.
– The export dialog now shows information about the source and target sample rate.

  • The “Open Recent Sets” menu now has a “Clear List” and “Remove Unavailable Sets” option.
  • The menu item “Close Live Set” has been renamed to “Close Window”. It will now close any secondary window that is open. If no secondary window is open, it does nothing.
  • The audio buffer size is now restricted to power-of-two values. Windows users should note that not all ASIO drivers support this and may still allow to use non power-of-two values. This can lead to a higher CPU load and higher latencies. Ableton recommends to always use power-of-two buffer sizes, i.e. 64, 128, 256, 512,… samples.
  • Optimised default presets for Auto Filter, EQ Eight, Saturator, Tension, Simpler, Sampler, Analog, Operator, Electric.
  • Added 10 new Simpler presets to the Core Library.
  • Updated manuals, lessons, info texts and translations.
  • Minor improvements for usage data reporting.
  • When creating a new track by dragging an instrument to the clip/device drop area, Live would keep the last selected clip stand-by-selected.

Now it moves the selection to the clip slot that matches the Session View’s crosshair.

Read more about Bugfixes and other changes in Ableton Release Note




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