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Leaked! Ableton Live 9.5 Update & Push 2 Confirmed

Ableton Live 9.5 Update

A few hours ago a link to a imgur.com gallery with what appears to be Ableton Live 9.5 update details with descriptions was uploaded and shared on social networks. Soon the news was confirmed by Ableton.

Ableton Push 2
Ableton Push 2 on Amazon Germany

Live 9.5
brings support for Ableton Push 2, an instrument that puts all of the aspects of modern music creation in one place: at your fingertips.

“Play and program beats, melodies, and harmonies. Chop and time-stretch samples. Quickly browse, preview, and load anything from your library of sounds and instruments. See the essential details of your song on the full-color high-resolution display and control everything from the touch sensitive encoders.

Live 9.5 also introduces new analog-modeled filters based in classic vintage hardware models that will self-resonate, feedback, and distort beautifully. These filters were built in collaboration with Cytomic and are included in Simpler, Sampler, Operator and Auto Filter.

Choose from a variety of filter types including lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch and a special Morph Filter. Each filter can be switched between 12 and 24 dB slopes as well as a selection of analog-modeled circuit behaviors that emulate hardware filter found on some classic analog synths.”

Introducing Link: Link is a new technology that syncs devices’ timing over a wireless network, so you can jam with multiple instances of Live and a growing number of iOS apps.

Improved Waveforms
Improved Waveforms

Improved Waveforms: Live now has redesigned waveforms, meant to show more detail at all zoom levels and track heights. Additionally, the waveforms look smooth during zoom operations and during recording, so you can always see exactly what’s happening in your audio.

Improved Meters
Improved Meters

Improved Meters: The track volume meters in both the Session and Arrangement mixers now show both peak and RMS levels. Peak meters show sudden changes in level, while RMS meters give a better impression of perceived loudness.

Ableon Live 9.5 Simpler
New Simpler

Simpler has been completely overhauled with a new interface, warping, slicing, and new analog-modeled filters built in conjunction with Cytomic.

A new breakout display allows you to use a large working space for sample editing.

New warping functionality allows samples to be repitched while staying in time your Set. Drag warped clips from the Session of Arrangement into Simpler and their warp settings will be preserved.

Choose one of three playback modes, optimized for different types of samples.

Playback modes:

  • Classic Playback is designed for polyphonic playback of sustained and looping samples. This is ideal for creating melodic instruments from sampled audio sources.
  • One-Shot Playback is designed for monophonic use, and is ideal for triggering samples that should play back from beginning to end. This is useful for single drum hits or short melodic phrases.
  • Slicing Playback automatically places slice markers at transients in your sample, and uses incoming MIDI notes to trigger individual slices. This mode is ideal for working with rhythmic samples like drum breaks.

You can manually edit the detected slices and change the auto-detection behavior with the Sensitivity slider.

Context menu options allow you to quickly convert your sliced sample into a new Drum Rack with each individual slice mapped to a pad, or slice to a new MIDI tracks, leaving the original Simpler track untouched.

UPDATE: It’s official! Ableton Releases Ableton Live 9.5


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