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Ldk1609 Violin Free Kontakt Instrument by BigCat Instruments

Ldk1609 Violin Free Kontakt Instrument
BigCat Instruments has released Ldk1609 Violin, a freeware sample library for Kontakt by Native Instruments. Ldk1609 Violin features 250 violin samples and 6 articulations with every note is sampled in a single velocity layer.

Keystroke Articulations:

  • E1 – Tremolo, F1 – Arco Non-Vibrato (Default), F#1 – Arco Vibrato
  • G1 – Pizzicato Non-Vibrato, G#1 – Pizzicato Vibrato, A1 – Spiccato

Inspired by some violin samples from professional violinist, ldk1609, founded on Freesound.org, BigCat Instruments brings this great Kontakt sample library that can be used in many musical compositions.

Requires full version of Kontakt.

More Details: Free Ldk1609 Violin

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