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Lazerwave Free Synth VST Plugin by L-Day Synths

LazerWave Free Synth VST Plugin

L-Day Synths has released a new free synthesizer plugin called Lazerwave available for Windows (VST format).

Lazerwave is a polyphonic synthesizer based on three waveshaping oscillators which are based on a triangle wave that can be transformed using three different modes.

The interface is simple, easy to use, divided into multiple sections, from top to bottom as follows. At the top you have the 3 oscillators with envelopes, then the LFO section, delay effect, and at the bottom, we find the filter and sequencer. Everything is well arranged and simple for easy use.

The filters section includes a resonant low-pass filter and a high-pass filter with a fixed resonance. You can modulate the low-pass filter using the built-in step sequencer.


  • 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • 3 Oscillators with shapeable Triangle Wave
  • 3 ADSR Envelopes
  • 2 LFO Rootable separately
  • 1 LowPass Filter with Resonance and a Stepsequencer in two Timing Modes (Host-Synced/Free Rate) for the Cutoff Frequency
  • Output Amplitude is Toggled with the Velocity

If you’re looking for new ways to synthesize your own sounds, this plug-in offers you something different, it’s worth it especially that it’s completely free.

Lazerwave is only available for Windows being provided in 32-bit VST plugin format.

Download Link: Lazerwave

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