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Push Button Bang has released Label Sampler 3, a free collection of loops and samples gathered from some of their most popular sample pack released over the time at

Push Button Bang iis a well known developer that worked with Grammy award artists and popular creative agencies, delivering products packed with passion, creativity and sincere respect for the user.

“Its been an absolute pleasure to provide PBB users with sounds and I’m deeply thankful to everyone who purchases and uses my productions. I always keep learning and trying to improve my sound design and hope to transfer that knowledge into usable tools for you.” KIT – PBB

This Free Label Sampler 3 includes samples from:

In total you will get 183 loops and 15 MIDI files extracted from packs listed above. Total size of Free Label Sampler 3 is 360MB and is royalty free!

Even you are a beginner of a more experienced producer, you will find all the tools you need to inspire your productions.

More Details/Download: Push Button Bang Label Sampler 3

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