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Komplete Audio 6 – Premium 6-Channel Audio Interface

Komplete Audio 6 Audio Interface

Native Instruments announces the Komplete Audio 6 Audio Interface at Superbooth 2019 Event. The Komplete Audio 6 is equipped with four analog inputs. Two of them are on the front and are designed as XLR / TRS combo inputs. The gain is individually adjustable, the input level can be switched between line and instrument level, phantom power can be switched globally.

The inputs 3 and 4 (jack inputs) are located on the back. On the output side, the interface offers four jack outputs (DC-coupled) as well as two separately controllable headphone outputs. For the smaller interfaces, we had complained that there is no MIDI interface. Fortunately, this was not saved with the Komplete Audio 6, so that MIDI equipment can also be connected to it.

The interface also offers a digital S / PDIF input and output. The connection to the computer is made via USB. It is changed with befitting 192 kHz and 24 bits. The case seems to be the same as the other two Komplete audio interfaces and is expected to be plastic and matt black.

As is common with Native Instruments products, Komplete Audio 6 is sold with a selection of software instruments. These include u. a. Complete launch, Monark, Mod Pack, replica and more goodies. From today the interface Komplete Audio 6 can be pre-ordered. The first delivery is scheduled for 12.06.2019. The price is 229, – Euro.

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