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Kleverb – Algorithmic Reverb Plugin Released by Klevgränd

Klevgrand Kleverb algorithmic reverb plugin

Klevgränd has recently released Kleverb, an algorithmic reverb plugin designed for quick and smooth handling offering awesome results combing an intuitive easy to use UI and a carefully calibrated network of filters, delays, and a mixable reverb effect. There are also a ducking function, three different room size algorithms, and high-quality filters! Very interesting for sound designers and producers.


Room size selection • Filters with selectable type on both early and late reflections • Wet signal modulation • Damping filter • Diffusion and Stereo Spread parameters • Decay time between 0 and 25 seconds • Pre-delay parameter • Ducker (compressor), with a dry signal as the side chain • Early / Late signal mix parameter • Wet and Dry signal level parameters

Kleverb plugin is available at Klevgränd’s website for the introductory price of $ 29.99 instead of $ 59.99 for Mac OS and Windows in VST, AU, and AAX for 64-bit plugin format. There is a downloadable demo version and a PDF manual on the website.

The iOS version is also in the introductory phase with a 50 percent discount, available for 10.99 euros. The app runs on iOS 9.3 or higher and is compatible with an iPad. You can integrate the app as an AuV3 plug-in into compatible DAW apps.

More Details: Kleverb

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