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KICK 2 – Drum Synthesizer Plugin by Sonic Academy

Sonic Academy KICK 2

Sonic Academy has released Kick 2, the follow-up of their multi-award winning drum synthesizer plugin – Nicky Romero’s Kick. The people over at Sonic Academy have almost completely rewritten the program from the ground up they rewrote the synth engine and made it cleaner than the original plugin with less aliasing (according to deadmau5 who was one of the beta testers) they have also added a few new features for us to play with like:

3 fully featured click regions: with controls for the start time, length control, low and high pass filters and fine pitch adjustment (all three can also be viewed in the waveform display to see how the signal line up with one and other).

Sub Harmonics Control: take control of the waveform of your sub signal by adding partials and harmonics to the signal creating more depth and character in the sound.

Kick Export: Quickly export your own kicks as a Wav sample simply choose the velocity and note of your kick and drag and drop it directly from the plugin to your daw

Full Graphical EQ with quick controls: 4 band eq with high shelf and low shelf and 2 bell curves including controls for Gain-Frequency and Q.

Compressor and Limiter: The compressor is perfectly tuned for kicks and the limiter is there to keep control of your levels and has 3 release settings.

Tube Clip and Wave Distortion models: as well as the original clip distortion algorithm they have added 2 high quality and expertly modelled analog distortion units also included is the original kick drive sound to push everything just that little bit more.

Sonic Academy’s Kick 2 is available from their website in 32 & 64 Bit in both Audio Unit / VST and AAX for Windows & MAC.

For a LIMITED time only, KICK 2 includes a “FREE Artist Producer Preset Pack” with over 70 ARTIST presets created by Jerome Isma-ae, Diskord, Soundprank, Sean Tyas, Genix, Leon Bolier and Wally Lopez. Also, Kick 1 users get 50% discount (log into your account to activate the discount).

More Details: KICK 2

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