Kaustika Animoog Synthesizer Sounds by Kreativ Sound

Kreativ Sound Kaustika SoundsKreativ Sound new release Kaustika, a collection of sounds ready for Animoog synthesizer powered by Moog’s new Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE) for Apple iPad and iPhone.

This collection of sounds includes 36 caustic sounds for Moog’s Animoog Synthesizer with Acoustic and Metallic oscillator expansions.

Presets list: Analog Bird, Anomaly, Bellinese, Broken App, Bubbles, Celestial 1, Celestial 2, Chimedia, Cricket, Dancing, Deepsee, Dubb, Faeries, Geisha, Harmony, Industrial, Kordsq, Limpha, Maeciu, Magenta, Mamba, Metallicon, Mostatics, Radio, Radomone, Ringmods, Shakuhak, Shiftbass, Shiftninja, Signal, Surealist, Suspended, Takeoff, Vobass, Volcano, Waterhole.

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