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K200 Free VST Synth Plugin Released by Krakli

K200 Free VST Synth Plugin

Krakli has released K200, a new free VST synthesizer plugin for all Windows users.

Krakli K200 was created in response to the Krakli Plugs Facebook group reaching 200 members (a number it has long since passed!).

K200 is a 4 operator FM synth, designed from the outset to be easy to operate and quick to achieve pleasing results.

Each operator line has envelope controls of pitch and amplitude, also velocity control of both. Lastly, an LFO for each operator can modulate either pitch or amplitude.

Unlike some earlier FM synths K200 offers a range of waveforms for each operator. The use of these can produce far more aggressive sounds than FM is known for.

On the right of the operators is a graphical representation of the 52 different algorithms combining the operators in a number of permutations to also include ring modulation.

The sound can be further shaped by using the state variable filter with indecent modulation by its own LFO and envelope. Topping this all off are chorus and reverb effects.

K200 comes complete with a set of presets crafted by Armin Kujashi which really show off its sonic prowess.

K200 free synth plugin is available only for Windows users in VST plugin format via Krakli Plugs Facebook Group.

More Details: K200

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