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Jussi Vocal Synthesizer App (iOS, Mac & Windows) by Klevgränd

Jussi Vocal Synthesizer App

Klevgränd has released Jussi, a new vocal synthesizer application for iOS, MAC, and Windows – capable of emulating the male voice in a unique way.

This new app offers an artistic but simple user interface. The Swedish developer does not want to emulate the vintage sound, but to offer an authentic playable instrument.

For example, each individual note can be dynamically vibrated (Wobble Speed & Depth) using the XY pad or can be made flexible over decay times.

Furthermore, the piano passages can be refined with short reverb parts or a widened stereo image. The targeted distortion for low, medium and high frequencies is included.


  • AUv3, works with AUv3 compatible hosts like Garageband, Cubasis, AUM etc.
  • ADSR with ”Turn-in” and ”Turn-out” option (Turn-in and Turn-out affects the pitch and maps it to attack and release)
  • Voice character XY pad (Intensity and Narrowness)
  • Legato mode (glides between notes and velocity levels)
  • Legato Hold mode (polyphonic legato when using a sustain controller, consult the documentation for more info)
  • Throat emulation XY pad (Grain and Tonality)
  • Built-in reverb

Jussi vocal synthesizer app is available now for iOS (mobile app price $7,99) and Mac and Windows (AU, VST price $19,99). For more details, video and audio demos follow the link below.

iOS Compatibility: Requires 9.1 version or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

More Details: Jussi



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