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IVGI – Free VST Saturation Plugin by Klanghelm

Klanghelm IVGI Free VST Saturation Plugin

Klanghelm IVGI is a free saturation plugin effect for Windows & Mac OS X that is suitable for signal saturation and can work in a very differentiated manner. The German developer was already able to convince with his compressors plugin and now you should definitely check out his youngest baby.

The fine free VST plugin Klanghelm IVGI is able to saturate signals very subtly, which works well on the master bus, for example. It can also be used to create very densely, dirty distortions in order to heat up individual tracks. The plugin reacts dynamically to the input signal – even the modeled analog-typical fluctuations in the signal processing react to the input with this dynamic, whereby the setting of the drive controller is also a factor. Drift and variance are emulated, enlivening saturation even further; in general, all internal processes are modulated to some extent.

IVGI Free VST Saturation Plugin

Stereo tracks potentially benefit from the modeled crosstalk effect (“X-TALK”, i.e. crosstalk), which can be continuously mixed in. With “ASYM MIX” the symmetry of the signal is influenced – without amplifying the integer overtones, as is usually the case, you can use this controller to preserve the dynamics of the signal to any extent, which seems very useful due to the compressing effect of a saturator.

The input signal is first brought to 0 dB using the trim control. A VU meter with an analog look helps to keep an eye on the input and output levels. The saturation is regulated with the drive. Low values ​​add subtle saturation and compression to the signal, while higher values ​​add a grainy, almost overdriven feel. Any level losses are made up for with the output controller.

The Asym Mix parameter controls the dynamics. A symmetrical saturation occurs at the minimum control position. The result is a compressed sound familiar to many Saturation plug-ins. In the maximum control position, however, the signal is saturated asymmetrically to the zero point of the waveform. The result is a transparent saturation. So IVGI allows to warm up the signal while preserving the dynamics of the source material, great!

The Response parameter is a soft high-shelf filter that can be used to determine the frequencies of saturation. In the “N” position, the entire bandwidth of the signal is processed. Turning the control to the left increases the saturation of low frequencies and slightly cuts high frequencies. On the right-hand side, the high frequencies experience more saturation, as is known from tape saturation.

IVGI is available for free download directly from the Klanghelm Audio website.

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