iSEM Synthesizer iOS App for iPad by Arturia

iSEM SynthesizerArturia releases the iSEM, a new music synthesizer application for iPad with hundred of sounds, core MIDI, WIST clock sync and many more cool features.

iSEM is a recreation of the legendary 1974 Oberheim SEM synthesizer expander module. Known for its characteristic multimode filter and rich oscillators, the SEM module was revered for its sound by many.

Based on the TAE® technology found in our award winning SEM V software, iSEM faithfully recreates this unique synthesizer and offers a level of sound quality that only Arturia can bring to the iPad.

Think and Work Outside the Box

iSEM comes with over 500 sounds, created by some of the world’s best sound designers; sounds that are directly imported from our SEM V software.

We also include Audiobus technology which allows iSEM to be integrate to any other Audiobus equipped app. You can send the output to apps like Garageband, Beatmaker and Cubasis for external recording.

iSEM also supports Apple’s CORE MIDI so that you can control it via standard MIDI controllers or via other Core MIDI compliant apps. Using the Apple Camera Connection kit, you can use it with our MiniLab keyboard controller. It offers full MIDI mapping of the main panel controls, and supports WIST sync with other iOS devices.

iSEM also supports Apple’s new Inter-App audio system, as of iOS 7, which allows you direct audio patching of apps and remote transport controls.

iSEM iPad ApplicationMain features of Arturia iSEM:

  • iPad app recreating the classic Obeheim SEM synthesizer.
  • Hundreds of sounds created by some of the best sound designers around.
  • Audiobus support (to interact with other apps).
  • Core MIDI (to control your synth from a Hardware MIDI keyboard).
  • Apple’s Inter-app audio (to work in conjunction with GarageBand and other audio apps).
  • Preset transfer and sharing via email & iTunes file transfer.
  • Preset compatibility with the Arturia SEM V Mac/PC software.
  • WIST clock sync support (to synchronize two iPads).
  • Real analog sound based on our TAE® analog modeling.
  • Voice Programmer allows for recreating the rare and classic Oberheim Eight Voice.

iSEM requires at least an iPad 2 and OS 6.0 and is available to purchase for $9.99 USD / 8.99 EUR. Check Here

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