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IRCAMAX 2 – Max for Live Devices Released by Ableton

Ableton Live IRCAMAX 2

Ableton has released IRCAMAX 2, a new collection of Mac for Live instruments and devices that can be used to process, manipulate and reinvent sounds in very creative ways using their advanced physical modelling synthesis environment and other leading technologies.

The IRCAMAX 2 devices were developed by Jean Lochard at IRCAM and Manuel Poletti at Music Unit and include 11 powerful tools for advanced audio processing and sound design: 8 audio effects, 2 instruments and one MIDI effect.


IM-PsychHarmonizer: A vocal harmonizer that allows you to separate and manipulate monophonic vocal sounds.


IM-Freezer: This is an effect that lets you create new sound textures by scrolling, stretching or freezing your sounds.


IM-Ianalyzer: It’s a real-time polyphonic Audio to MIDI convertor that can be used to manipulate and resynthesise a signal’s psychoacoustic properties and to capture the resulting data as MIDI.


IM-NoteTracker: This is a new Real-Time Audio to MIDI convertor that extracts a the estimated pitch and amplitude from a signal, and then converts them to MIDI notes.


IM-Chromax: This is a spectral delay that converts chords into harmonics models.


IM-ModalysFilter: This effects uses the revered IRCAM Modalys engine to filter the signal using physical modelling processes.


IM-GrainDelay: This delay effect can be synchronized to Live’s tempo and also can be used with the IRCAMAX MIDI Send/Receive device to receive MIDI notes that control transpositions of the grains.


IM-MultiFX: Features 4 effects in one: Delay, Reverb, Chorus and Auto Pan. You can use these effects as a simple FX tool for all your synths.


IM-Midi Send/Receive: These devices allow you to send and receive MIDI data between any IRCAMAX device within a Live Set.

IM-Midi Send/Receive


IM-ModalysSynth: This is a polyphonic synthesizer based on IRCAMs flagship Modalys physical modeling engine.


IM-MatrixSynth: This is a polyphonic synthesizer with 3 oscillators and 3 envelopes and with a multimode filter and flexible modulation matrix.


IRCAMAX 2 is available for purchase for 149 EUR.

More Details: IRCAMAX 2

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