Infekted Kontakt Sound Library by Homegrown

Infekted Kontakt Sound LibraryHomegrown release Infekted Kontakt Sound Library that features a big collection with sampled instruments for Kontakt from Native Instruments.

Infekted combines 4 sample releases bringing 542 Sampled Instruments in the form of 4000+ categorized Presets and 24 Kosmos Synths. The collection supports Kontakt 3 and above. Full Infekted Information

There is also a group buy, if just 50 people take part the collection can be had for just $50, plus when it reaches 40 people Virus Kits for Battery/Kontakt will be added, and at 50 people a Kosmos version of Vintage Synths will be added which all in all is a very good deal for any Kontakt user.

You can purchase this for $125 USD. Check Here

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