iD4 Compact Audio Interface by Audient

iD4 Compact Audio Interface by Audient

Audient introduces iD4, a new compact and affordable bus-powered audio interface perfect for any producer, singer or songwriter.

iD4 comes with 2 brand new features: Monitor Mix and Monitor Pan.

“The Monitor Mix feature lets you monitor a blend of both iD4s inputs and your DAW playback, providing near-zero latency monitoring whilst recording,”

“Also, if you’re recording an acoustic guitar and vocal, the Monitor Pan feature enables you to pan both the mic pre input and D.I input from left to right, making it easy to create a balanced headphone mix that suits.” – explains Audient’s technical director, Tom Waterman.


  • 1 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamplifier
  • High Performance AD/DA Converters
  • iD ScrollControl Mode
  • 1 x Discrete JFET Instrument Input
  • Main Speaker Output
  • Independent Class-AB Headphone Output (dual outputs)
  • Monitor Control Functionality
  • USB2.0 Bus Powered
  • 24bit/96khz
  • All-Metal Enclosure

iD4 audio interface is available priced at $199 MAP

More Details: iD4

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