HY-ChoFla Free Chorus/Flanger VST Plugin by HY-Plugins

HY-ChoFla Free Chorus/Flanger VST Plugin

HY-Plugins have released a new free plugin called HY-ChoFla. This is a Chorus and Flanger combo free plugin and with chorus and flanging being such similar effects it is quite understandable that HY-plugins decided to release these in one package.

The looks and feel of the plugin are simple and clean all the functions are easy to see and work with. The modes of the plugin are shown in two colors so you can quickly see what mode you are working in.

The sound quality of the plugin is good and both modules have all the controls you would need from those effects without making the plugin too complicated. Both modes of the plugins come with an HP/LP filter an LFO for modulation and a dry wet section on the output to either make the effect more pronounced or more subtle to taste.

So, basically this is a really nice free chorus/flanger plugin that has all you need and isn’t too complicated it looks good and sounds good so what more could you want its free so yea.

HY-ChoFla is available FREE for Windows 32 and 64 bit over at the HY-plugins website. Be sure to check it out!

More Details: HY-ChoFla

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