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HS-5 Session Mixer and Recording Interface by Roland

Roland HS-5 Session MixerRoland shows HS-5 Session Mixer, a new digital mixer and recording interface that allows up to five musicians to rehearse, jam and record while monitoring with headphones. Also this digital mixer allow each musician to save his personalized settings for instant recall, providing quick setup for future rehearsals and recording sessions.

HS-5 Session Mixer also features built-in effects and can record to a USB drive or connect directly to your computer.

The HS-5 provides access to guitar and bass amp modeling on four independent channels. This means that players can connect their electric guitar or bass directly into the HS-5 and jam with the same sound and feel as playing through an amp. Vocalists can also experience enhanced, studio-quality sound via the built-in compressor for each mic input. With the intuitive panel controls, HS-5 users can quickly adjust EQ and pan settings and dial in just the right amount of amount of guitar distortion or vocal compression.

HS-S Session Mixer Features:

  • Performer-friendly digital mixer with high-quality sound and USB
  • Up to five musicians can rehearse or jam while monitoring with headphones
  • Independent control of the monitor mix for each performer
  • COSM amp modeling plus vocal effects and built-in reverb
  • Record stereo mixes to a USB thumb drive
  • Connect to a computer via USB for multitrack recording in a DAW

More Details: HS-5 Session Mixer

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