How To Kick Start Your DJ Career With 0 Dollars

How To Start Your DJ Career

How To Kick Start Your DJ Career Right Now For Zero Dollars

There are so many amazing DJs nowadays, it’s overwhelming to see them spinning the latest Pioneer equipment at the biggest EDM festival stages like Ultra or Tomorrowland.

It’s normal that you feel insecure. Is it just a crush or can you get serious about it? Are you actually talented? Are you going to be able to make a living from it?

Don’t worry, I feel your pain. But the good news is we are living in the most amazing era when you can test pilot the whole thing before investing thousands of dollars into equipment and months or years of learning.

Here are some ideas that’ll help you get your toes wet and won’t break that piggy bank.


First and most important part of DJing is about selecting the right tracks – so let’s start here.

Just create a new playlist of your preferred genre, select 20 tracks each week and update it weekly.

Even if nothing comes out of this you and your friends will have a great selection of new tunes.

Once you’re confident with the selection you can raise the bar slightly, by trying to create a…


If you’re into this you probably digest several EDM podcasts weekly, but don’t think of it as you should be able to create something like Hardwell On Air in an afternoon.

Let’s take the pressure off no need to show it to anyone, no need to even properly mix it all together.

Remember: it’s only for you to get a taste of the process and see if it keeps you interested.

Use GarageBand, or any other free software for creation, and to keep yourself accountable upload it to MixCloud once every week.

Famous DJs and record labels both offer some tracks for free, and up and coming artists always appreciate the extra promotion – just reach out to them!


Although there are obviously ways to pirate download the software, I really do not encourage you to do so.

If you’re not willing to invest about 100$ (which is probably less than you’ve spent on partying or sneakers last month), then I don’t think you are committed enough.

There are some free DJ software and free trials too so you can get a taste of this. Once you got the software the internet is your best friend.

Get a taste of it

Youtube is full of quick tutorials that’ll help you get the basics completely free.

No idea how to mix two tracks after each other? What is beat matching? Here is a playlist of 50 videos that’ll help you get the basics.

Deeper Dive

If you are slightly more serious about DJing, I’d recommend you to take a deep dive with a DJ online course, because if you don’t get the foundations right it’ll cause you a lot of pain in the future.

These courses are:

  • available for a fair price,
  • a lot more thorough, and
  • built up so you understand the basics and will see through the advanced stuff easier.


The era when you have to mail your CDs to huge record studios is over.

A great example: I’ve been partying at Balaton Sound at 6 AM at the trap stage, there were only about 50 of us “survivors” still rocking.

A guy walked over to me, asked if I like the music, and told me he is also a DJ and asked me to follow him on Facebook to check out his weekly mixes.

You can do the same. If you’re into the music I bet you attend these events, so just be friendly, everybody likes new music.

If you’re too shy you can just send it to friends, Facebook groups or share it in forums.

Don’t overthink, keep it simple, and good luck!

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