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How To Get Signed by a Record Label

How To Get Signed by a Record Label

Many aspiring producers send their demos to record labels, but very few producers will receive feedback nether mind get a release under that record label. You might think its impossible to get a response for a record label but there are some tips you can use to help your chances to get a record deal.

1. Get feedback on your tracks before you send them off

Many producers finish a track and then instantly send it off. This means they are sending out track that could easily be improved. Send your tracks to your friends, family, other producers. They will give you helpful tips that your ears might not pick up (bias towards your track or ear fatigue). You can change your tracks according to the feedback however if you Mum doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean you should change the whole track, she just doesn’t like the genre or it’s not her ‘style’. Only change your track with specific feedback (kick too loud, not enough bass, too quiet etc.)

2. Sleep on your tracks before sending them off

When working on a track all day, listening and listening to it, your ear will get fatigued. Ear fatigue is a massive problem when it comes to mixing. You will not be able to hear as precisely, something which is needed for mixing. If you complete your mix with fatigued ears, it will not sound good. If you send that off, you definitely won’t receive any feedback. A record label won’t waste time with a producer who’s mixes sound terrible. Also, when you wake up and listen to your track in the morning, you may find that your chord progression is weak or your melody is out of key etc.

3. Send your tracks to record labels that release the same genre (Do your research)

This may seem obvious, but it is a common problem. Producers are so eager to send off their tracks they will send them to any record label that has every release an EDM song. If you send your Tropical House song to a Hard style record label, don’t expect any replies. It will look even worst with your copied and pasted message saying ‘I feel this song will fit in with your label’. Before sending your track off to every record label known to man, research which ones predominantly release your track’s genre. You will get a much higher chance of getting a reply.

4. Only send out your best work

Again, this may seem obvious but as I mentioned before producers are so quick to send out their work, they will just send out any song they completed even if they know it’s not their best work. These record labels receive thousands of demos every day, if it’s not your best work, there’s no chance you’re going to get signed. I know you may feel like you want to send your songs out straight away but there really isn’t any rush. Take your time. Make sure the song is the best you can make it. If you want to send it out, send it out. If you want to keep it in the archives and work on something else, do so!

I hope these tips to help you get a record deal. Feel free to share your experience using the comments section below.

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