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How To Create MIDI Chords Using Chordjam VST

How To Create MIDI Chords Using Chordjam VST Plugin

MIDI chords refer to a series of notes played simultaneously to create a harmonic sound. MIDI chords are created using MIDI data, which is a digital representation of musical notes that can be played by virtual instruments or hardware synthesizers.

Using MIDI chords in music production can help create a foundation for a song and provide a strong harmonic structure for other musical elements, such as a melody or bassline. By experimenting with different chord progressions and inversions, producers and composers can create unique and interesting sounds that add depth and emotion to their music.

Audiomodern Chordjam is a MIDI chord generator and sequencer plugin for digital audio workstations (DAWs). It is designed to help producers and composers create complex chord progressions and melodies quickly and easily.

Chordjam features a variety of tools and features to help users generate and sequence chords and melodies. It includes a chord generator that can create chords based on user-defined parameters such as key, scale, and chord type. Users can also use the arpeggiator feature to create arpeggios based on the generated chords.

Audiomodern Chordjam GUI

In addition to chord and arpeggio generation, Chordjam includes a variety of features to help users sequence and arrange their musical ideas. The plugin includes a pattern sequencer, a chord sequencer, and a melody sequencer, as well as the ability to adjust the timing and velocity of each individual note.

Chordjam also includes a variety of presets and user-defined settings to help users get started quickly. Users can save their own presets and settings for future use, as well as import and export MIDI files for use in other DAWs.

To create MIDI chords using Audiomodern Chordjam plugin, first, you need to load the Chordjam into your digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice. Then follow these simple steps to create MIDI chords for your musical project:

  • Choose a key and scale for your chord progression.
  • Set the chord type and complexity using the options available in Chordjam.
  • Press the generate button to generate a chord progression based on your settings.
  • Adjust the settings and parameters of the generated chord progression to your liking.
  • Use the MIDI output of Chordjam to record the generated chord progression onto a MIDI track in your DAW.
  • Edit and modify the chord progression in the MIDI track as needed, such as changing the timing, adding or removing chords, or adjusting the velocity of individual notes.
  • Add additional MIDI tracks for melody, bassline, and other musical elements to create a complete composition.
  • Arrange and mix the MIDI tracks to create a final track.

By experimenting with different settings and tools in Chordjam, you can create unique and original chord progressions and melodies for your music productions.

Audiomodern Chordjam is a powerful and intuitive plugin for generating complex chords and melodies, making it a valuable resource for producers and composers looking to speed up their workflow and explore new musical ideas.



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