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How Does Music Affect Your Personal Health

How Does Music Affect Personal Health

This is a very interesting article for both listeners and music producers about how music influences our health.

Longer Life

Learning to play a musical instrument like a digital piano, violin, guitar, grand piano, or any popular musical instrument from anywhere in the world is very good for the mind, body, and soul because it can and does reduce stress which enables physical and mental relaxation and therefore can have a calming effect on the person who plays or listens to relaxing, meaningful music.

Just listening to relaxing music whether you are in your home, office, car, or other places has the same effect on many people who love music. Calming type of music can add years to your life because it can soothe the nerves in a natural way that nothing else can do.

If you want to live a longer life, learn to play beautiful music on a musical instrument or just enjoy music by listening to it and what it does for your soul because you may live many more years.

Listening to Music improves a person’s daily performance & productivity

It seems that people want to do well when it comes to activities they are involved in including work, school, studying, learning, exercising, athletics and sports, and just about all facets of life.

It is well known that listening to or playing music can boost your immune system, affect your mind in a positive way, and increase your stamina for longer & better personal performance and productivity. It is common to see people listening to music wearing earbuds, headphones, and just listening to music wherever they go.

It has long been known that music stimulates the body and mind to work harder and do better and that without music these things may not happen as effectively.

So if you want your body to operate at a higher level than just add good music to your life on a regular basis, and you will be amazed at the results.

Start listening to and experiencing music when you are a young child

There are different types of music in the world and depending on where you live and the country you are from, music can vary in a huge number of ways.

There are unique musical instruments all around the world with different tonal capabilities playing in different keys and in different scales with unique temperaments.

There is no doubt the music is not the same for everyone and changes over time depending on musical progress throughout the years. Even though this is true, music in both eastern and Western civilization can be bad or it can be good, it can be soothing or stimulating, or it can be provoking and destructive.

The depths of the human mind are something that doctors and educators are still discovering and how it all works. The brain is an amazing organ in the human body and even in the first months of a human life and before the baby is born; the right or wrong kind music can have a permanent impact on the formation of the human brain and mind over time.

The structure of the brain, the neurons, the nerves, and the cells, all of it is influenced by many things, but music has one of the biggest impacts on a child’s mind.

Make sure your child hears good calming music during their day as this will aid in positive mind and body development and their IQ will actually increase over the years if they are exposed to good music on a regular basis.

The best music for that in Western Culture and many cultures is classical music because that kind of music offers more musical complexity and rhythm movement with multiple instruments being heard that the child will respond well to over time. Try it and you’ll be amazed.

Music when you are Old

It has been scientifically proven that if a person is exposed to good music when they are young that the music will help them when they get old.

One of those ways is that like almost nothing else, the music stays in the deep recesses of the mind and can come out at a moment’s notice like nothing else can.

When the body and mind ages it starts slowing down and especially the brain slows down and starts to lose the ability to recall memories. When memory recall starts to become worse, that kind of thing is diagnosed as dementia and then later on when it becomes very bad it is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible condition to have and takes away your mind and therefore your life and you start to forget everything you’ve ever done in your life and anyone you have ever known. Everything is a blank page and there is no way to get it back.

However if you were a person who had music in your life from a very young age and you played at least one musical instrument, sang music, or danced to music, then you would have these very deep musical memories that will instantly come out of your mind when exposed to that music again, even if you could not remember anything else.

Music becomes permanent in the brain and if the music was important to you when you were younger then you will remember it and even sing along with it when you are older, even if you lose most or all of your other memories.

7 Health Benefits of Music

  1. Improve your brain – According to multiple studies listening to music increases cognitive performance.
  2. Speed Up Recovery – Studies have shown that music speeds up the recovery of stroke patients.
  3. Reduces Stress – Listen to good to music will reduce your levels of stress. It’s like a massage for your brain.
  4. Work Out Harder – Has been proven that music makes you work harder.
  5. Reduce Pain – Researchers from University of Utah’s Pain Research Center found that listening to music helped people to feel less pain.
  6. Live Music – Live music is more effective on your health than taped music, it reducing anxiety and improve your mood.
  7. Improves Heart Health – Music can be good for your heart. Studies have shown that listening to joyful music can help promote a healthy heart.

Conclusion – Music & Health

Good music is an amazing thing to have regardless of your age, your actual physical health, your culture, or anything else. It is one of the best things you can do for your personal health in a positive way for your entire lifetime and the lifetime of family members.

So don’t miss out on improving your mental, spiritual, and physical health with bringing good music into your life because you will be very glad you did.

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