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HOFA SYSTEM Basic Plugin Available for Free


HOFA-Plugins, the German specialist for acoustics, mixing and mastering, introduced HOFA SYSTEM to the market last year.

Now there is HOFA SYSTEM Basic, a free version with fewer features!

HOFA SYSTEM is a plug-in that allows the creation of custom effect chains as a modular host.

Whether multiband distortion effects, conventional channel strips or wacky filter effects, the wiring of the individual modules hardly limits creativity.

HOFA SYSTEM Basic Free Plugins

This also offers over 150 presets from the full version, 21 modules like the large version, but not all functions are available.

For example, the AlgoVerb offers only a plate reverb to choose from. Also, the delay module is not complete and can be done without Tempo synchronization.

Nevertheless, the limitations only partially reduce the flexibility of the SYSTEM, since the routing options remain the same. More than 300 presets are included for a quick start.

The full version HOFA SYSTEM costs 79 Euro, but with HOFA SYSTEM Basic the company offers a free version.

HOFA SYSTEM Basic is now available for free in the manufacturer’s shop. The Toolkit is an ideal set for producers and sound designers alike, as high-quality effect chains for mixing and special effects have been created.

More Details: HOFA SYSTEM Basic

2 thoughts on “HOFA SYSTEM Basic Plugin Available for Free

  1. Gene says:

    The basic free version does not allow use of a free version. The user must either buy or go with the 14 day trial. What is going on? How can I use the free basic version and not have to try or buy?
    Thank you.

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