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GTR3 – Guitar Amp Bundle VST Plugins by Waves

GTR3 - Guitar Amp Bundle VST PluginsWaves brings the GTR3 – Guitar Amp Bundle, a collection of powerful VST plugins inpsired by world’s hottest vintage and contemporary amps.

The result is the most amazing guitar tones you will ever hear coming out of your computer. GTR3 is a standalone ToolRack, all you need to do is plug in…and play!


Neil Citron Amps

  • Legatron Clean Based on a customized Carvin® Legacy
  • Legatron Crunch Based on a customized Carvin® Legacy
  • Thermitron Clean Based on an Ibanez® TN120 Thermion
  • Thermitron Crunch Based on an Ibanez® TN120 Thermion
  • Plexitron Lite Based on a modified 60s 100W Marshall® Plexi
  • Plexitron Crunch Based on a modified 60s 100W Marshall® Plexi

Clean Amps

  • Direct Full-frequency, transparent tone, with light EQ and a hint of dynamics processing.
  • Clean Based on a 1959 tweed Fender® Bassman®, smooth and warm, with shimmering highs and luscious overtones.
  • Sweet Modeled on a 1968 Gibson® Skylark, this small tube amp delivers a clear sound with a clean bite.
  • Punchy Based on the stack master, a 100W Marshall® head, for a clean rhythm tone.
  • Warm An amazing jazz and ballad tone based on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith’s private collection.

Drive Amps

  • Edgy Inspired by a 1980 Vox® AC-30 TB-2, for a big, rich sound with more than just a touch of attitude.
  • Cream Based on a 1966 Ampeg® Gemini II, with bright, detailed tone and a unique low frequency bloom.
  • Drive Modeled on a 1964 blackface Fender® Super Reverb®, this is the go-to amp for bluesy growl, fat saturated sounds, and everything in between.
  • Overdrive Based on a 1980 Marshall® JMP, this is the heavy rock sound in all its glory.
  • Scream Based on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith’s private collection, for killer, overdriven bluesy tones.

High Gain Amps

  • Crush Inspired by a modified Marshall® MK2 50W stack head, this is a hardwired gain machine.
  • Monster Modeled on a Marshall® 100W Stack set at full gain for unique undertones.
  • Inferno A virtual model with very high distortion and extremely fast cleanup, great for modern thrash Metal.
  • Shredder Based on a Marshall® JMP1 preamp, this blazing metal tube tone is your license to shred.
  • Scorch Based on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith’s private collection, ideal for solid rocking rhythm chords.
  • Supernatural Modeled on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith’s private collection, this overdriven lead tone sustains like a black magic woman.
  • Hot Inspired by a Koch® Combo, perfect for aggressive high gain sounds, scorching riffs, and stinging solos.
  • Crunch Based on a custom Garcia® from Paul Reed Smith’s personal collection, tailor-made for sizzling lead lines and heavy sustained walls of grunge.
  • Modern Modeled on a Mesa® Dual Rectifier® Solo Head, perfect for cutting-edge solo tones and drop-tuned power chords.

Play through two cabs. Record with two different mics. Flip the phase. With a huge range of speaker cabinets and perfectly matched mics, GTR3 gives you the power to mix and match equipment with unprecedented ease.


  • 25 Guitar Amps
  • 7 Bass Amps
  • 29 Cabs
  • 26 Stomps
  • Multiple Mics and Mic Settings
  • Custom Hardware Interface
  • Realistic Dynamic Response
  • Expert Presets and FX Chains
  • Sync-to-Host BPM Effects
  • Drag-and-Drop Simplicity
  • Real-Time MIDI Control
  • Standalone or DAW Ready

Price of this great GTR3 Bundle is £99.92, available at PluginBoutique.com

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