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Groove Agent 5 Drum Studio Software Released by Steinberg

Steinberg Groove Agent 5 Drum Making Software

Steinberg announced the availability of the fifth version of the virtual drummer Steinberg Groove Agent 5. According to Steinberg, this should offer a wider range of percussive sounds and grooves designed for both songwriters and beat producers. Add HiDPI support as well as a novel sound design tool that provides more detailed control over your own drum samples. Also included in the Cubase Pro 10.

Of course, the concept of the Groove Agent drummer has remained the same. Three combinable drum modules, the so-called agents, with different stylistics can be used. Starting with version 5, the Acoustic Agent has a completely new drum kit called “The Kit”. The samples of this new library were recorded using selected high-end recording hardware in the premises of the Berlin Teldex Studios.

In addition, the Beat Agent offers a total of 30 extensions created by artists of the electronic music scene. The beat agent can now also take over basslines and melody parts.

Steinberg Groove Agent 5 Drum Software

The GUI has been redesigned at Steinberg Groove Agent 5, is now fully scalable and can be adapted to any standard display size. Thanks to native HiDPI support, even more details become visible.

Also new is the Decompose function, the samples can be broken down into their tonal and noisy parts to then easily distribute them to individual pads. In addition, the new Groove Agent 5 offers the possibility to use Groove Agent as a sampler, allowing the user to record his own samples directly on the pads of his choice.

In conjunction with the “Decompose Sounds” function, a new pitch modulation function that can modulate the pitch of the tonal parts of a sample without affecting the pitch of the sound part.

Groove Agent 5 is available now at a suggested retail price of 179, – Euro. An update of Groove Agent 4 is to have the price of 99.99 euros. Upgrading from Groove Agent 2 and 3 to the current version is available for 119, – Euro.

More Details: Groove Agent 5



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