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Giveaway! Win D16 Devastor 2 Reason Rack Extension

D16 Devastor 2 Reason Rack Extension


Win a free copy of D16 Group’s Devastor 2Reason Rack Extension version.

Devastor 2 is the second generation of D16’s multiband distortion tools, from the SilveLive Collection series. Devastor 2 is an enhanced version of his predecessor that will give you fill control over multiband processing.

Devastor 2 Rack Extension can be used in your Reason music software to distort and enhance a wide range of sounds, from acid synth sounds to guitar or an analog amp with speaker combo.

We had the chance to test and try Devastor 2 VST plugin version, and we liked very much. If you want to know our opinion, here you can read the whole review: Devastor 2 Review.

Together with those from D16 have agreed to give a free copy of Devastor 2 Reason Rack Extension version to one lucky Reason producer. The winner will be announced on this page and contacted personally (via email) in order to claim his prize.

Important! You must have a valid account at Devastator 2 – Rack Extension will be added to your account.

This promotion ends on November 23.

UPDATE: We chose the winner! This is Gulli Johansen (13th Comment).

The choice was made using From a total of 61 comments (sorted by date), the computer chooses the number 13. Below I posted a screenshot for proof.

Devastor 2 Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all those who commented and I’m glad you love Reason, indeed is a very good music program. All the best!

  • Miguel J. R.

    What I like most about Reason is this: I can get my music done. it’s so intuitive. Focusing only in the creative process and forgetting there is a software behind it, it’s amazing. Music is again a natural process 🙂

  • What I love about reason 8 is the ease of work flow the creative flow is so smooth. I love to experiment in reason with my creations for artist or remixing vocals or tracks. Most of all sound design is very enjoyable with the new features is easy to get lost in experimental madness.

  • April O’neil

    What i like the most about reason 8 can’t be said in one word. I can easily create my tracks in a very intuitive way, and then replace sounds once my midi setup is done.
    I can also create my very own effects, with my personnal wires routines.
    We can find others producers on the propellerhead pages to share tracks and see how they work.
    the sound engine of Reason 8 is so pure, that many famous producers uses it all around the world.
    the Re system is so good that you can really trust them in a live performance situation.
    And moreover, Reason never crashes, that’s why it is so good in a live performance application. In my personnal experience, it never crashed in ore than 100 gigs.
    You can bounce all your tracks to use it in another Daw, with or without routings, and your master too. This is so cool taht you can give your session to another sound engineer which lives miles away from and still understanding the mix you want.
    Thank you very much much Propellerhead for this insane tool you gave us !!!!

  • Jasper Holst Jørgensen

    I have used Reason since Propellerhead added Record and made it possible to record live instruments and singing into the DAW. Over the years Reason has become better and better – and I’m sure new great improvements and new inventions are headed our way…

  • Tobias Thomsch

    I’m using Reason since some mounts ago. I like it because of the workflow, the amount of power/elements you got from just a small amout of money in comparison to the real hardware you have to buy for. Its great.

  • Daniel Brey

    I use Reason since Version 3. I like the workflow & the routing opportunities especially cv

  • I’ve been using Reason since 2009 when I got my hands on Reason 4. Having a small amount of background in both Analogue and Digital music production, some acoustics and most importantly being a full time professional musician, I absolutely love Reason’s modular connectability and it’s ease of integration making for a highly intuitive and simple device for creating powerful music.

  • Bastien Merindol

    Using Reason since 7.0, I like the MODULARITY of effect chains, and how you can do pretty much everything decently inside it now, audio included 😉 It just makes sense to me, for any music style I want to touch.

  • Florin Socol

    I am using Reason since it came out 15 years ago and I love the fact that I can open all the projects I ever worked on since day1! It evolved so much It’s amazing!

  • I been using reasin since 2008 i started with downloaded version of 4 then i ended up paying cash for 7 few years later what i like most about reason is the workflow plenty of times i got frustrated because no vst support and tried out other daws no other workflow was easier than reasons its so simple and easy compared to others i really like how with red rum u can manipulate your hi hats and drums for complex drum rolls and patterns the only downfall is no vst support reason needs to give in and make it available thats whats really holding the company back from alot of money if they did their own research online in forums and groups everybody complains of no vst and many have left reason because of it

  • Ανδρεας Αλεξαντρου

    I have been using reason since 2005. I love everything about it.

  • Sascha Kaus

    Been in relationship with Reason since 2.0 I love the feeling of using 19″ Hardware and the best feature actual is to use Rack Extensions in the Combinator.

  • Gerald Gardiner

    I have been using Reason since version 1. I love the quick workflow, powerful sequencing and the fact that I really don’t need any outboard instruments (though I do have some) Also I come from the world of racks and wires which is exactly how Reason works.

  • Scott Troutman

    I’ve been using reason for about 2 and a half years now. I love its insane stability and over all solid workflow. I also love the look and feel of the whole rack/wire set up.

  • Filip El-Zouki

    Been using Reason since 4.0 and absolute love it for what amazing things you can do with it. Use it 100 % and wouldn’t have it any other way

  • Noah Flaharty

    I’ve been using Reason since 2010. I keep using it because it is a software copy of the physical world of music. I think that my favorite feature of Reason is the ability to flip of the rack and wire everything the way that I want it. It is almost like a video game except I’m accomplishing something every time I open the program.

  • Martin Kauber

    Have used Reason since 5 and Maelstrom is my favourite instrument there.

  • Late

    Used it from 2001 to 2005. Then after 9 years of break, Reason 7 was so irresistible that I had to buy it. I love Reason mostly because of it’s modularity. It’s also important to me that it’s it’s own closed ecosystem with RE’s and it’s also really fast and stable DAW that hasn’t crashed even ONCE!

  • dade

    I’ve been using reason from 2.5 version. I love the way I can combine all the RE together…I can have all the sounds I need in a very simply way!

  • Pavel Nezamayev

    I’ve been using Reason for 3 years on 3 different machines, and it never crashed, not even once. You can install REs with one button click, and they work identically on both OS X and Windows. When you press “Undo” it affects everything, be it a program itself or one of the extensions. You can connect almost anything to anything. The timestretching algorithm is incredibly good. I can go on, but let me summarize it – Reason is totally awesome!

  • Jacob Schaner

    Had reason since version 4 came out! And honestly I love that you can flip the rack around and connect multiple CV outputs to whatever you want! I usually will send the volume of my synth into a thor LFO 2 table and just mess with the audio until I get something super unique! I love how easy it is to make whatever sound you want! I have worked in logic and in pro tools and I feel like the work flow in reason is unmatchable. It is so easy to get the synth/drums/whatever to sound just the way you want them too! I will probably use reason the rest of my life..

  • Marcel Orch

    I use Reason since 3.0 came out and still love the environment to work within…
    Tweaking,connect instruments together…its pure fun making music with Reason!

  • seldomseenkid

    Slick, fun, brilliant!

  • Owen Baxter

    I’ve used Reason since version 1. It’s the only DAW that comes close to the feeling of using real rack equipment.

  • Robin Schell

    I’ve been using Reason since version 1. The feature I like most, I suppose if I have to pick one it’s the virtual SSL mixer. Next to that would be the variety and quality of REs available and the fantastically easy and intuitive way everything works and how you can try a synth or effect in your own setup and decide whether to buy it or not, this is a brilliant thing!

  • Tretzze Trets

    I’ve been using reason from 4 till now. I love the way u can plug everything and make crazy things. Funny and easy.

  • NormalView Studio

    I’ve been a Reason fanatic since 2.5. My favorite thing about Reason is that if I want to just sit down and slam out ideas, it’s easy as pie, and if I want to get into heavy sound engineering, I have more options than I could ever possibly utilize! The stability and the CPU friendliness and the bug-free software are icing on the cake. I used both “pie” and “cake” in one comment.

  • ZeeZee

    I’ve been using Reason for nearly 10 years now. Started with ver.3, used 4 for the longest time I think, then switched to 5. When version 8 came out I decided to buy it finally 🙂
    My favorite thing about Reason has always been the rack and since I bought it the fantastic mixer of course. It’s just perfect.

  • Fred Wester

    started out with rebirth, than reason 1,3,5,7 and now 8. The coolest thing about reason is that you can route any thing to everything, so you can make the wierdest sounds (sound engineering). You get the feeling you use real machines…still missing a special sound, use reason into another daw via rewire and use vst’s…and don’t forget propellerhead is the creator of rex format. Make a sample put it through recycle and create something new, out of the rex file….reason also nice for live performance via use of midi, use ready to buy midi or homebuild (midibox, livid).. A versetile program for making/creating music…

  • Ron Brookler

    Been using Reason since version 1. Love the modular structure of it.

  • EnochLight

    I’ve been using Reason for 15 years. What I like most about it is the rack paradigm – it makes me feel right at home, having worked with hardware for many years before. Because of the virtual rack paradigm, everything is very easy to wire up and understand. As far as unique selling points, Reason still kills it in this area. Love it!

    Would love to have Devastator 2 RE!

  • Darren Stone

    Reason changed my life. I hadn’t composed anything in decades because I’m not a keyboard player, but I AM a composer. Now I can do anything with any sound I can imagine. All with my limited keyboard skills.

  • Joe Cogan

    Been a Reason user since v3. Sold all of my hardware boards and haven’t looked back synth… I mean since! 🙂

  • kowdermeister

    I’m using it since 1.0, but more seriously, 4 years ago. Best thing is the free routing and stability.

  • Dániel Zaharia-Kézdi

    I use Reason because it does not feel like a program. It’s a musical pandora’s box.

  • Eythor

    I’ve been using Reason since version 1.0. I had it until version 5 and at that point I was rewiring it to other daw’s. I know all the other major daw’s by heart also, but when it comes down to having fun with making music, Reason is the only one for me. My favourite feature would be that it is so much easier to get a full sounding track because reason isn’t floating but fixed.

  • Jeromie Sonik Esterline

    I have been using Reason since it came out, and the greatest feature imo is the addition of the Rack Extensions. The new mixing console is a big plus as well, as Reason no longer sounds thin.


    I’ve been using Reason for almost 5 years now, what I like most about Reason is the workflow and the streamlined nature in which I can write stuff I wanna write quickly and easily.

  • wishinghand

    I never would have started using synths, software or otherwise, if not for Reason. A roommate in university (in 2003( had a copy of version 3, and after playing with the drum machine I ran out and got a copy. Then I started experimenting with the sampler and loop playing. Eventually when Thor came around I got deep into synths as well.

    Now I play my guitar through Reason with it’s rack extensions, and augment my songs with loops, samples and sequenced synths.

  • Janto Lenherr

    Been using Reason since 2.0.
    Besides Reaktor i think it is the most creative and limitless music software. I can achieve sounds I could never design in another daw. The fact that you can connect everthing with everything is why I love it hard.

  • I’ve been reasoning since a bunch of years. I love so many things about it it’s hard to tell… The latest browser is top notch, but the overall workflow is great anyway. One thing I tend to use more and more is the ability to stretch and slice anything, with or without quantize, readjust an off-beat slice, and load the REX right after into the Doctor. Slick feature !

  • Marc Solomon Scheimann

    I’ve been using Reason for four years, and now am using Reason Essentials 8.3. For me, the best part of Reason is the ability to build your own effects and instruments inside a Combinator.

  • Michael Jaye

    Used for over 10 years, love the simplicity of the sequencer.

  • I’ve been using Reason for last 8 years. Just so much fun to be able to connect with “cables” anything you want. It’s like an endless modular rack fun and freedom to be crazy.

  • Galaxy 20

    Been using reason from my late teens what i love about it is its simplicity, great sound library to get started and devices just as nnxt , thor , kong just those 3 things if made real by propellerhead would be a god send

  • Matthew Cochrane

    I started using Reason at version 3 and have stuck with it since. Now it’s one of the DAWs I teach at a college.

  • Nicolas Rosta

    I made love with reason 1.0 then many, many years later. The RE arived to propellerhead and i become a MAD CLOWN! Listen to my music “NMRosta” on soundcloud and you boys&girls will understand why i need this DEVASTOR2 so badly. (i will also give feedback and spread the word about this RE) PEACE!

  • 451

    I’ve been using Reason for 10 years. What I like most about it is the
    rack paradigm – it makes me feel right at home, having worked with
    hardware for many years before.
    I think it is the most creative and limitless music software.

  • Gulli Johansen

    started using Reason in 2004. I love the rack layout of the software and totally feel in love when they released Record now I could finally skip rewire and just record my guitars into Reason/Record. As of v 8.3 what I love most is that I can choose what devices I like to have or not. And Devastator would fit nicely in whit some of my guitars tracks among others.

    • Congratulation! You have been chosen the winner of this giveaway, please contact us at info[at] to claim your prize. Do not forget to tell us your ID from Propellerhead website.

      • Gulli Johansen

        Thanks so much for choosing me no it’s time to make some noisy music 😀

      • Nicolas Rosta

        Lucky bastard 🙂

  • XT Dream

    “A friend showed me Reason at version 3. It was all new to me! It was fun creating so many sounds with the keyboard, and experimenting with endless combinations! What I like most is I can record in Reason. Also the addition to add rack extensions, effects, the whole nine yards, I am in Love! The Devastator 2 plugin will add much elements of distortion to whta I record and produce in Reason. Cheers!”

  • Prashant Jayaraman

    I’ve been using it since Reason 3, and have had every version since. My favorite feature: definitely the advent of Rack Extensions 🙂

  • Brecknell Media

    I’ve been using Reason since 6.5 in 2012 and love the modular approach that allows creative ways to use devices, including Rack Extensions of course, beyond what they were necessarily designed for!

  • Greg Datalab

    I’m running Reason since version 3. Things that get me into Reason is the way we can link elements to each others the way we want. That really help to get some interesting sounds during sound design time. And now with the audio integration as samples not samplers, we really can go to an other level.
    As a dubstep/drum n bass producer, sound designer, Reason is probably the best tool to play with to create sound with specific color and all Rack Extensions are definitely something to add to our tracks depending on what we need.

  • Daichi Maru

    I’ve started using Reason since version 4 first back in 2010 or so?, how ever, because it didnt had any feature with audio tracks, i bought reason 8 1 year ago! and i pretty much dont need anyother DAW for editing vocals or editing or recording other sound tracks. i usually recorded in Goldwave, then slice it up in Recycle, and then put it in reason, which was i anoying work flow, but since i got reason 8 this became SO INTESENLY better!<3
    I still have a cracked version of FL Studio on my PC, but I almost never use it:)
    have fallen in love with reason already when version 4 came out, and had it on my pc:)
    Then version 5 came out with the octo rex and Kong:) which where nice and all, but never couldve beaten the many ammounts of added features as in reason 8! will keep using reason untill i die! i skipped reason 6 to 7 because of i live from a narrow budget:( since I'm declined for being able to work in this country :/ (netherlands) how ever, ive had spared enough money for some nice equipment over time, including reason 8, an heck i love it!

  • Ken Kthulhu

    Using since Reason4 – now at 8.3 and never missed an update. The best feature is the workflow. I can start an 8 bar loop, drop in new instruments, record vocals, mix, and master, all without stopping. I can drag in effects over any instrument (and they are always there, always), I can flip the rack and re-route anything/everything, I can delete, edit, cut and copy, and the loop is still lopping. I can build a track in minutes without breaking creativity. I can get more creating done in one pass than I ever could in any other DAW. Workflow – nailed.

  • Igor Liodin

    Using Reason for approx. 3 years. The best feature of Reason for me is its modular structure. Besides that I really like the powerful NN-XT sampler and the extensive list of its features. Love the interface and the mixer too.

  • Psyonik Soundz

    Started using reason in 08′! I like being able to start creating immediately, right in the box, without having to open external programs or VST’s!

  • FaMoSo

    I started using Reason since version 5 with record together until the future because i think each updates brings more flexibility to the whole other content whats in the main box of it, thats why its not good to say which part is very good or worst it’s the altogether thing of it, the routing of cables like to have analog gear but its digital. also the Rack Extensions are a very good thing too what happened to reason to have more options to do the work on mixes or arrangements, etc…
    It’s a really great DAW and that’s the greatest point i think and like the most of it

  • Απόστολος Δεκατρείς

    I am @nemlive on Prop site. is my email.
    I would be wiling to make a showcase video and explain why I love certain parts of Reason for a blog if asked to.
    I have been using Reason since reason 4.This was my start of production and sampling. I like the fact that everything in reason works with everything else. I also like the fact that I have never had a crash in Reason. Not even when beta testing a new RE, I really enjoy working with other Reason users, because they lack the egocentric perspectives when collaborating (Im better than you). We simply, do not find that in Reason.
    Reason gives me too many reasons to list here.

  • Maxine Francis

    just found your site looking for a computer for my 15 year to make music ( Small budget} i’m a complete novice but I have seen him progress with little that he has this would be a great addition to what little he has and this site can lead him in the direction he would like to go

  • Mali Vuk

    I live in a city that is 2500 km away from the place where I grew up. Opportunity to go home does not come often. Buying an airplane ticket two months ahead just means that the wait will grow stronger. As I get closer to home, all those old paths and roads are still there and nothing changed even though they’ve put a fresh coat of asphalt and my childhood crush moved away long time ago. Finally I’m at home and it smells the same. Place for my shoes is there and I can immediately find an umbrella if I need it. The kitchen, man. I love that kitchen. Mum’s food is the best. My old man still makes fish hooks and baits in the same spot and his moustache is frozen in time.

    Sorry for this lengthy post but it’s the closest to what I like about Reason. It feels like home. Every day.

    I got into Reason at version 1. It scared me. It still does. It helped me to make and appreciate music. It helped me to get some decent radioplay with the tinkering I’ve been doing. Female attention, a bit of money and free beer on gigs didn’t hurt. It even helped me into landing a job at the radio because I made some radio imaging with it. It’s a fantastic tool and a natural extension of my thoughts. I won’t go into technical detail as others got it covered.