Giveaway: 32 Kits Drum Hits Sample Pack by Hex Loops

Hex Loops Drum Kits Samples and Loops

Hex Loops is offering readers chance to win, not one, not two but THREE copies of 32 Kits Drum Hits – Machines Collection drum sample library priced at $25.50.

32 Kits Drum Hits – Machines Collection is a collection that features 32 premium drum kits recorded from some of the best drum machines ever: Roland 606, Roland 707, Roland 808, Roland 909, Kawai R50, Yamaha DD10 and Korg ER1. With a total of 290 one shots sample sounds this pack will fit perfect in any electro dance music production and not only. You can use this great sounds in any genre you want, even hip hop, trap, dubstep, pop, house, trance and many more.

32 Kits Drum Hits – Machines Collection Content: 39 Kick Sounds, 30 Snare Sounds, 28 Clap Sounds, 37 Crash Sounds, 65 Hi Hat Sounds, 39 Tom Sounds, 12 Bleep Sounds, 40 Other Percs Sounds.

You can win this pack by leaving a comment on this page at the bottom and tell us what is your favorite DAW and when you start to produce music.

Winners will be chosen randomly and posted on this page Sunday May 11th, 2014, 12pm CET, when this giveaway ends..

UPDATE: Menixus, Jake and Jamil Matheny are the winners!

More Details about the gift: 32 Kits Drum Hits – by

0 thoughts on “Giveaway: 32 Kits Drum Hits Sample Pack by Hex Loops

  1. Avatar
    Mali X Yasser says:

    My absolute favorite DAW is Logic Pro 9 & X
    though I use a combination of Logic Pro, Fl Studio 11, Abelton Live 9, and Protools (on some rare occasions)
    I started producing with Nuendo 4 and Akai MPC 2000XL back in 2001

  2. Avatar
    Jonathan Barrera says:

    My favorite is fl studio and i start to produce at 2011 ( : also i use some sounds of hex loops i love it

  3. Avatar
    Matt says:

    Logic and Ableton, I start to produce after I’ve heard a song that means something to me or makes me feel something and that’s when I open up my DAW

  4. Avatar
    Makedon says:

    I started recording my beats in 2012. Before I was playing them live.
    Ableton Intro first and after 6/7 months or so I switched to Logic and I’m definitely not leaving it.

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