Get Beat #182 For Free – Retromod LoFreq Wired & Thorn Solo


Beat Magazine #182 PDF English is now available for free. Although there are no more licenses left for the Waves Codex software highlight, you get 100 pages of tutorials, gear reviews, and interviews for free, accompanied by 11 GB of downloads, including full versions of Retromod LoFreq Wired by Tracktion and the monophonic Thorn Solo by DS Audio, as well as Ænigma expansion for Zampler and MPCs.

Speed up your workflow: Interface Finder

Whether you want to record melodies or vocals, record or sample beats, integrate a modular system or perform live, you need the right MIDI, audio, or CV interfaces and controllers to keep things running smoothly. Our Interface Finder wants to help you find the right gear and speed up your workflow.

Also on board: RetroMod LoFreq – Filthbox à la Moog & 0-Coast

Tracktion’s RetroMod series brings the sound of popular analog and digital synthesizers to your DAW. Our software highlight is dedicated to eleven popular synthesizers from 2009 to today, including Moog Grandmother, Dreadbox Erebus V3, Arturia MiniBrute 2, Doepfer Dark Energy II, and Analogue Solutions Telemark V2. Look forward to powerful analog sounds that don’t just deliver „down-low”!

3.2 GB Gregorian Choir and Synth hybrids: Ænigma for Zampler & MPCs

Pure emotion and ethnic vocal power … Gregorian chants have without question a mysterious and unique sound; however, since such chants also quickly sound outdated, we have sampled them by all the rules of the art, sliced and twisted through the sound grinder. The result is 64 production-ready bass, pad, and lead hybrids of choir and synthesizer sounds that give each track a unique touch.

Price and Availability

Beat Magazine features 100 pages of reviews, workshops, tutorials, interviews, and scene buzz for producers as well as 11 GB of sound and software. Issue #182 is available for free at in English language and at in the German language. Don’t forget to share this awesome news with other producers and musicians!


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