GEQ Mono/Stereo Graphic Filter Equalizer Plugin by Waves

GEQ Graphic Equalizer by Waves
GEQ Graphic Equalizer by Waves

Waves has released the GEQ, a new powerful Mono/Stereo graphic filter equalizer plugin featuring 30 ISO bands plus high and low pass filters, a high precision floating parametric EQ bell filter, and a real-time analyzer.

Created for live sound but equally useful in the studio as well, GEQ is powerful proof that all equalizers are not created equal.

GEQ is Native and SoundGrid compatible, and included in Mercury, SoundGrid Pro and SoundGrid SD7 Pro bundles.

GEQ Plugin Features:

  • 30 ISO bands with selectable 6 ,12 & 18 dB scales
  • Independent HPF, LPF and parametric bells per side
  • Classic component with Proportional Q filters
  • Modern component with non-interactive Flat-Top filters
  • Real-time analyzer
  • Zero latency

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