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Garage Foley FREE Sound Effects Released by 99Sounds

Garage Foley FREE Sound Effects

99Sounds in close collaboration with sound designer Tyler Bajsa has released a new collection of free sound effects called Garage Foley.

Featuring field recordings captured in a garage, these free sound effects deliver horror-inspired sounds and spooky sound effects with a grungy aesthetic and raw feeling.

Here is what Tyler Baja had to say about his sound effects pack at 99Sounds website:

“I originally planned on simply hitting 100 things in my garage and calling it good. But after listening to the raw recordings, I knew they had to be processed, at least a bit. My goal was to process these raw sounds as little as possible so that they still sound raw and authentic. I achieved this with minimal normalization, which is why some samples are louder than others. The tails/release times were also reduced slightly. No equalizing, filtering or any other effects were added. I used my Zoom H1 audio recorder (blue of course) for all of the samples. The H1 was mounted on a tripod which I set upon rubber pads to reduce vibrations from the surroundings.”

Garage Foley free sound effects pack includes 100 one-shot samples in 32-bit stereo WAV format.

You will also find a simple NI Kontakt patch which maps all the samples across the keyboard (starting at C-1). It includes a low-pass filter with cutoff and resonance controls, along with an ADSR envelope for the volume.

All these sound effects are 100% royalty free for use in your music, game, movie trailers etc. No extra costs!

More Details / Free Download: Garage Foley

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