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fx_cutter Free VST Effect Plugin by Tor-Helge Skei

fx_cutter Free VST Effect Plugin

Tor-Helge Skei releases fx_cutter, a free vst plugin for Windows, rather, it is a loop mangling utility.

Developer says:

“i finally dived into it, and finished a conversion of a jesusonic plugin i made a long time ago, to vst.. i use this in a lot of tracks i make myself, but since i mainly use bitwig now, it’s a bit of a hassle to use the reajs wrapper all the time.. the linux version just needs some small gfx/gui code tweaks.. i think.. been a while since i booted into linux :-/ .. and i thought 64 bit should be working, but it crashes (user32.dll-related, it seems).. so i need to do some debugging.. or there might be something weird things with the cross-compilation setup and freepascal/lazarus.”

For now fx_cutter is available just in 32-bit format but the developer has assured us that prepares a 64-bit version in the very near future.

To download this free VST plugin visit the link below and download from there. You will have acces to the DLL file directly. Copy the DLL into your VST folder and open with your favorite DAW.

You can report to the developer any errors or bugs. He will make this plugin more stable and add new features with each new update.

More Details/Download: fx_cutter

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