FreeMod FREE VST Effect

FreeMod by Audiority is the first free plug-in from Audiority and is presented as a “phase modulation effect able to twist your sound with tremolo-like effects, low-fi audio, and FM like sounds”.

FreeMod is, as the name suggests, a modulation effect. A phaser to be more exactly, just like the “FM” parameter you see on Ableton’s Sampler or Spectrasonics Omnispher!

Audiority FreeMod plugin is a small audio effect that bends the phase of the incoming signal and can conjure up stereo effects, tremolo, lo-fi’s and even FM-like sounds.

Audiority FreeMod is able to produce tremolos, phase modulations, stereo effects and frequency modulation. The user interface is simple but clear.

In addition, it comes with 10 waveforms are available for modulation.

The user interface is quite simple and easy to use with a clean design.

FreeMod FREE VST Effect

Four color-coded parameter strings serve for operation:

  • The yellow modulator adjusts the phaser modulator and selects from ten waveforms, determines the oscillator frequency and the intensity.
  • The red and blue controls are reserved for the LFO and envelope tracker, which further extend the phase modulation.
  • The green control is used to determine the mixing ratio and the input volume.

The modulation source is an LFO with eleven different waveforms. In addition, there are three Envelope Follower parameters for editing the envelope.

The Audiority FreeMod plug-in is provided as VST, AU, and AAX in 32 and 64 Bit for macOS or OSX and Windows for free download – all you need is a valid e-mail address to complete the checkout.

This small but useful effect is capable of generating unusual modulation effects, transforming sober drum loops turn into metallic percussions or vocals take a ride and spin around in the stereo panorama.

The purpose of this free effect plugin is very diverse, so try it out!

Download FreeMod Here




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