Viola Organista Free Reaktor Module

Boscomac releases Viola Organista, a free Reaktor module string instrument. The ensemble is based on a strange instrument called “Viola Organista” which dates from the 15th century, was first described in the Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo da Vinci.

The basic concept of this instrument is very ingenious: a system of wheels with horsehair is fixed for rub the taut strings. Under the action of a key, the sound begins to vibrate, result of friction. The expression of this instrument is impressive because the player can play Crescendo on a keyboard! This instrument sounds like a viola, but it looks very similar to an organ. It is unknown whether Leonardo da Vinci managed to build a working prototype of the original viola organista concept.

This great instrument from Boscomac was programmed with the excellent software REAKTOR 5.9 by Native Instruments and you need the full version of Reaktor 5.9+ for use Viola Organista.

If you own Reaktor this instrument defenitly worth your attention.

More Details: Viola Organista





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