FREE Vintage SynthMaker VST Plugins

Kevin Brown announced the availability of a huge collection of free 32-bit VST plugins for Windows, all created using SynthMaker.

These free VST plugins emulates popular classic vintage synthesizers from famous developers such as Yamaha, Korg, Moog, ARP, Buchla, Ensoniq, EMS and others.

The developer announced the availability of these plugins bundle as he will no longer be working on them. They are open to anyone who want to refine and “do whatever they like with any of this. OSMs and .dlls are included.” – says Kevin Brown at DSPRobotics forum.

“These “emulations” are meant only as ‘inspired by’ and ‘based on’, not as accurate or complete emulations, in either features or sound. Most are based on vintage subtractive synths, but there are several FM instruments as well. All are editable form a single page, even the large ‘modulars’. I concentrated primarily on synths not much (if at all) represented in VST form.

Some examples:

  • a few based on Buchla modular and Music Easel, but with 2-op FM oscillators, rather than any attempt at Buchla ‘wavefolding’.
  • an obscure ARP synth, the Explorer II, and a rough stab at the programming ‘guts’ of the Pro Soloist (without any of the presets).
  • a few Roland modulars: a couple based on the System 700’s small ‘Lab’ configuration, a System 100M and a System 500. Also a couple of Roland’s quirky integrated synths: SH-3, and a couple that are mash-ups of SH-5 and SH-7.
  • three modulars based on small early Moogs: Synthesizer 10, System 12 and the larger System 35. Also, a little modular that represents the modules one would have to put together to have all the functions of a Minimoog, but with full patchablilty.
  • an ARP Odyssey that includes many of the mods commonly done to it.
  • an ARP 2600 because the commercial ones are too expensive and have many functional aspects I don’t care for.
  • a Yamaha CS80 approximation because although ME-80 sounds terrific, I can’t stand the look of any of its skins, and Arturia’s is nearly impossible to read.
  • a few based on u-he’s fabulous creations, just for folks who are interested in playing in a similar playground, but whose computers can’t quite handle the CPU hit.
  • and so on…”

I tested some of the plugins included and I can say that all sounds good, Kevin has done a tremendous job which deserves our thanks.

Download Link: SynthMaker Bundle (via Dropbox)

Check out the full gallery with all the plugins below. Feel free to share it with your friends!




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