Vember Audio Surge Free Synth VST Plugin

From now on the software synthesizer plugin called Surge developed by Vember Audio is completely free for download and more than this is open-source for anyone who wants to participate in its improvement and expansion.

Vember Audio Surge is a hybrid synthesizer whose initial vision is shocking. And its sound is not far behind since its technical endowment for sound design is not something that we can underestimate, with options of classical oscillators, wavetable, FM and a flexible modulation.

It was launched in 2006 with a price of € 99, and then received good reviews; without a doubt, it is an important product, since some of its original developers would end up initiating what is called Bitwig Studio, one of the most interesting DAW. We had the chance to test and Review Bitwig Studio at ProducerSpot.

Surge FREE Synthesizer VST

Surge hybrid virtual synthesizer is available for free download for Windows and MAC in VST, VST3 and AU formats, 64bit compatible.

To download installers for 64-bit Windows or 64-bit macOS, visit the newly created Surge-synthesizer site at – the wavetables, presets and the plugins will be installed in their correct locations.





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