Free: Unstable Lo-Fi VST Plugin by de la Mancha

de la Mancha Free VST Pluginsde la Mancha has released Unstable, a random pitch modulation VST plugin designed for Windows that simulates the instability of old playback systems such as audio tape machines or vinyl record players.


  • 3 modes of continuously random pitch modulation
  • buzz – rapid, fuzzy modulation
  • wobble – medium, jerky modulation
  • drift – slow, gentle modulation
  • adjustable frequency and level for each modulation mode
  • master level mode to adjust overall subtlety of effect
  • wet / dry mix level control
  • insane mode – removes all subtlety and smacks your pitch up
  • all controls mapped to midi CC values

unstable used to be a payware plugin, but is now free to download. However, if you like and use any of my plugins, please consider donating to Cancer Research UK in order to help care for and find a cure for cancer sufferers.

More Details: De la Mncha

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