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FREE Dubstep Sample Pack No.7 by Ghosthack

FREE Dubstep Sample Pack

Ghosthack has released Free Dubstep Pack 7, a new free dubstep sample pack, the 7th edition of their free Trap and Dubstep sample packs. This new volume includes 60 free samples: 5 Bass One-Shots, 6 Bass drums, 18 Basslines, 9 Hihats, 7 Leads, 10 Claps and Snares, and 5 Vocal Samples. The entire content is delivered in WAV 24bit format, tempo 140bpm. All samples are 100% royalty-free!

Free Trap And Dubstep Sample Pack No.7 is available for free download (50.6Mb) via Ghosthack website. You need a Facebook, Soundcloud or Youtube active account to get the download. For more details, audio demos, download options of this free Dub sample pack please follow the link below.

Download: Free Trap And Dubstep Samples No.7

“Don’t sleep on these free samples Producerspot readers, we spend a lot of time and work into them, and also check out our other free stuff!” – Christoph from Ghosthack

Below you will find the last two previously free sample packs released by Ghosthack and announced here, at ProducerSpot website. Enjoy!

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