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Free: Transector CM Shaper VST/AU Plugin by LVC-Audio

Transector CM Shaper VSTLVC-Audio presents Transector CM, a free Shaper VST/AU Plugin that allow you to modify the envelope of the incoming audio signal in three stages.

Transector is an aggressive transient-designing audio plugin, used to attenuate various transient qualities of an audio signal. Use it to boost the initial attack of various instruments, such as adding more crack to a snare or kick drum. Simultaneously, you can use Transector to alter the decaying portion of audio. This is useful in many situations, such as decreasing the decay of a vocal track, or reducing to amount of room ambiance in drum tracking. Version 1.1.0 adds both saturation and clipping to the Attack transient phase, as well as improved oversampling and stereo controls.

Transector is a highly customizable transient designer that you can use in a variety of mixing situations, with a variety of sonic material, and as a creative tool. Although the default settings work in many situations, Transector gives you access to many advanced features. This includes:

  • attack clipping and saturation
  • external side-chain controls
  • side-chain filtering and solo controls
  • separate left- and right-signal transient processing
  • mid/side mode with adjustable transient gain amounts
  • stereo width control and balance
  • transient metering
  • three separate transient gain stages (attack, sustain, and release)
  • input metering, output metering, and adjustable waveform history display

More Details: Transector CM

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