Free: Trail of Nexus 6 Soundset for Tyrell N6 by ZenSound

Nexus 6 Soundset for Tyrell N6ZenSound releases Trail of Nexus 6, a free for download soundset by Complex for the Tyrell N6 synthesizer developed by u-he.

Trail of Nexus 6 is designed with inspiration of the Blade Runner film. This soundset have a futuristic sound, it is the natural continuation of the soundset Rebeld. All the sounds of this soundset are good for all styles of music and perfect for futuristic electronic compositions.

  • ATM: 17 atmospheres with a industrial and dark feeling.
  • BAS: 13 original and strong basses.
  • KEY: 19 sounds for play with the MIDI keyboard.
  • LEA: 6 futuristic leads.
  • PER : 12 modulated and distorted percussions.
  • SEQ: 4 cool sequenced patches using the LFO’s.
  • SFX: 29 science fiction effects, ideal for videogames and films.

This expansion for Tyrell N6 is so complete with all kind of sounds that you can make entire songs with it.

Requisites: Tyrell N6 last version

Content and formatting: 100 patches for Tyrell N6 in h2p format

The soundset comes in a zip file with the 100 patches for Tyrell N6, a user guide, a readme file with the installation a EULA License and free customer support.

Download: Trail of Nexus 6

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