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Free: Swagbass – Bass Guitar Sample Library by Karoryfer

Free Bass Guitar SamplesKaroryfer has released Swagbass, a free for download Bass Guitar Sample Library perfect suitable for Hip Hop, Pop and RnB music.

This sample library was recorded by Drogomir Smolken who tuned an electric bass guitar to A, making it perfect to generate deep bass lines.

The bass was recorded direct with the onboard EQ set flat and no compression or any other effects, and not processed with anything except for noise reduction. So, there’s no pre-baked effects or coloration and you have full control of what you want to do to the sound. We’d usually roll off some treble with EQ or even a lowpass filter, and then add compression, but the choice is yours.The samples can be used with Plogue Sforzando and probably also with other SFZ-compatible samplers. In addition to the basic mapping there are four others which sacrifice various degrees of realism for an unrealistically nice sound. Clean – no release noise samples. Shiny – no release samples and using only open-string samples for the bottom two octaves. Clean things – no release samples, all round robins samples play at once spread around in stereo. Shiny things – no release samples, all open strings in the bottom two octaves, all round robins at once.

Swagbass library is free for download and also royaltyf ree for all commercial and non-commercial use.

Download: Swagbass

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