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Free Supersaw Oscillator VSTi Plugin by CFA Sound

Supersaw OSC VSTi Plugin

CFA Sound has released Supersaw OSC, a freeware VSTi plugin for Windows focused to emulate the classic supersaw oscillator featured by many old Roland hardware synthesizers, like Roland JP8000/8080.

 The developer says:

During the last year, i worked on a small emulation of it as little side project for fun & learning primary, and well here it is, the current result. It`s not final, and surely in some specific areas not 100% like original but very close based on the comparision to the real one and the specs.

The current build version (v0.15) is pretty close to the original in the mix and detune behaviour but the pure waveform wth it`s own air-like touch isn`t exactly on that level as wanted, but with further updates it will come closer. So feel free to download the current version, it`s just the oscillator itself with a basic ADSR evenlope and output volume control. Feedback (specially to improve the quality and get it closer to the original) is highly welcome and appreciated – just write it as coment below. The plugin is WinOS 32-Bit only – but will work via JBrigde also in 64-Bit DAWs.

Supersaw OSC is available for free download at CFA Sound website, just visit the link listed bellow.

More Details/Download: Supersaw OSC

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