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Free: Shoogler Max for Live Dub Filter by Shoogle Studios

Shoogler Max for Live Dub FilterShoogle Studios released Shoogler, a Free Max for Live Dub Filter.

Available for free now from the Shoogle Studios website, Shoogler is an incredibly powerful dual-multimode filter with extensive modulation possibilities. It was developed by Shoogle Studios M4L guru Robert Goldie to demonstrate the type of effect you will be able to build after completing our new Max for Live: Introducer course.


  • 2 Independent Filter Units
  • Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Stop and Peak filter types
  • 4x standard LFO’s and 1x combo to modulate cutoff, Q and gain
  • Full Push compatibility!

This is a monster of a filter, and you can learn how to build a similar device and loads more on our beginner’s Max for Live: Introducer course over 9 weeks.

To download this free device please check the links listed bellow.

More Details: Shoogler

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