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SampleScience Player

SampleScience has released the SampleScience Player, a free sampler virtual instrument (rompler) plugin that includes 200 instruments, almost 3 gigs (5 gigs compressed to lossless FLAC files) sounds. Besides the 200 sounds, this free virtual instrument also features a linear envelope ADSR, multi LFO, High / Low filter, velocity controls, and the glide in mono voice mode. This is the precursor of the Orion Sound Module, and is one of the biggest free rompler plugin currently available in terms of number of sounds!

The SampleScience Player’s sounds are classified into categories which include:

  • Basic: Basic waveforms from vintage analog synthesizers.
  • Bass: Various bass from synthesizers and electric bass.
  • Brass: Tuba and saxophone.
  • Chips: Arcade sound effects arranged as drum modules.
  • Drums: Various electronic drum machines and acoustic drum kits.
  • Keys: Acoustic, electric and electronic pianos and organs.
  • Orchestra: Jeff Glatt public domain orchestral library.
  • Perc: Percussive instruments, mostly acoustic.
  • Sound Design: Excerpts from our commercial sample libraries.
  • Strings: Acoustic string based instruments.
  • Synth: Synthesizer sounds from both analog and software synthesizers.
  • Vocals: Various sampled voices.
  • Wind: Wind acoustic instruments.
  • World: Instruments from around the world.

The SampleScience Player contains all the sounds available in Orion Sound Module plus an additional 100 playable sounds! Entire tracks can be composed only with it since it contains a variety of 200 playable sounds which includes drums, pianos, electric organs, synthesizers, sound effects and more!


The developer was kind enough to respond to a brief interview, to find out more about this tool.

The Orion Sound Module was a great plugin. How did you decide to release another free plugin?

When I released the Orion Sound Module, it was after watching a documentary about patents and the way sharing freely knowledge can better help the communities around the world. So I thought it would be a good idea to gather public domain samples and turn them into a free rompler for all. It turned out to be a huge success, something I wasn’t expecting at all! However, the Orion Sound Module was good, but it had its flaws. The SampleScience Player is what it should have been in the first place, knowing the interest it generates.

How did you create these sounds? What is this sound coming from?

For the SampleScience Player, the sounds come from either the public domain, creative commons websites or my own production. I feel it’s important to know who did what, so the name of the author (or the source) is displayed on the screen for each sound in the player.

What plans do you have in the future? Should we expect new plugins?

I’m working on free and commercial expansions for the SampleScience Player as well as new rompler plugins. For instance, I want to do a better version of my Thales Model I plugin, which is based on early 60s computer sounds. The concept is cool and it was my first plugin, but now that I’m experienced I have a lot of new ideas I’d like to apply to this concept instrument.


The SampleScience Player works on PC and MAC in VST, AU plugin formats (compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit systems).

My opinion is that this tool should not miss from any producer’s arsenal, it sounds very good, it has thousands of sounds, it’s free! Go and download your copy today from the SampleScience website (link below).

Update September 2019: This plugin is not available for free anymore!

Download: SampleScience Player

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