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Free Sample Packs by SoundShock + Interview

SoundShock Free Sample Packs

I have the pleasure to present you with a great website filled with tons of free audio samples, free loops, and free synth presets.

SoundShockAudio.com is a great resource for all electronic music producers who are looking for high-quality sounds for free.

I contacted directly the author of this site and he gave us more details. Be sure to read further what he had to say:

The Interview

Mark Simon: Hi there. I think our readers deserve to know a few details about themselves first.

Daniel Strongin
My name’s Daniel and I am the founder of this brand new spot on the web for today’s latest in modern electronic music production.

Mark Simon: What is the purpose of this site?

Daniel Strongin

Daniel: SoundShockAudio.com website is committed to bringing you the highest quality, industry-leading samples, presets, professional tutorials, artist interviews, and expert tips. ALL FOR FREE!

Mark Simon: How did this idea come?

Daniel Strongin

Daniel: As a music producer going on 6 years, I have seen quite a lot when it comes to music production. I have seen blogs come and go.

I have listened to countless hours of sample libraries from all styles and genres by numerous companies, again some that are still around today and some that are not.

Not to mention the many days I have spent watching tutorial videos on how to improve your productions.

While there is plenty of quality music production content on the web right now, there is an even greater amount of garbage out there.

Also, in my years of scouring the web for production content, I couldn’t find a site that focussed on modern electronic music producers and their specific needs.

Enough was enough. It was time for me to take action. This is when SoundShock Audio was born!

Mark Simon: What exactly do you offer on your website (SoundShockAudio.com)?

Daniel Strongin

Daniel: Our free downloadable library is something every electronic producer should take advantage of.

Our samples and loops provide the producer with sounds that we feel are lacking in the sample libraries of many electronic producers, such as real sounds and vocals.

We understand the needs of the electronic producer and our library reflects this in the type and quality of the content.

Our presets and wavetables are exclusively for the soft synth Xfer Serum as it provides the greatest sonic potential for the producer.

All the macros of the synth are mapped in order to provide the producer with a highly dynamic sound that can easily be molded to your specific needs.

More often than not, producers get inspired to write music by a record label’s specific sound, so we decided to take one of the hottest and most relevant labels out there and make an entire library inspired by their sound. Drum one-shots, Drum Loops, Bass loops.

Mark Simon: What is your favorite sound pack launched on the site?

Daniel Strongin

Daniel: My favorite free download by far is our Monstercat Producer Pack.

Mark Simon: Besides the free sample packs, what else we can find on the site?

Daniel Strongin

Daniel: I’m glad you asked. Besides the free sample packs, those who visit our site may access our tutorials section and a special blog section where I have already posted several useful articles and music production tutorials. Also on my website, you will find a section with interviews.

Mark Simon: What are your plans for the future?

Daniel Strongin

Daniel: It is all in there to assist in the creative process of producing your next Monstercat-inspired track. And this is only the beginning. The music scene is constantly evolving and so are our free sample library releases.

We will continue to provide the music producer with a regular release of sounds to evolve with the music scene.

Mark Simon: Some final thoughts for ProducerSpot readers?

Daniel Strongin

Daniel: We hope you enjoy using our handcrafted sound library as much as we did create it!

You can grab your free library of sounds and view all of the tutorials and interviews here: https://www.soundshockaudio.com

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